Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, we hope this will help you.

To vote in Kpop Vote is very easy. If you feel confused, you can follow these few steps.

1) Choose your vote category.

How to Vote in Kpop Vote?

2) Then Choose your favorite nominees by ticking on it.

How to Vote in Kpop Vote?

3) Scroll down until you'll find reCAPTCHA and you must solve it. Next, select on I'm not a robot, after completed the CAPTCHA, just click on Vote button.

step 3 updated

4) Next, you'll see text that feel information you can vote again after 1 HOUR. To see the results, you can click on Continue to results

How to Vote in Kpop Vote?

5) . Done, you've been voted successfully.

How to Vote in Kpop Vote?

No, We doesn’t provide any awards for the artist/idol.

This poll/vote is just for having fun as the fan of Kpop.

No, in one session you just have one chance to vote. You can't vote more than once even you open Incognito mode in your browser. We use fair vote. No bot or trick on it.

1 User/IP only can vote every 1 hour.

You can vote again after one hour. You can set the alarm everyhour and keep reminding you to vote.

Of course its safe, we use reCAPTCHA to prevent from Bot. Someone have to solve the CAPTCHA to keep voting.

You can share it to your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram or your own fandom. And you will get more.

If you need more information, please kindly contact us on [email protected]


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